Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad attitude

So I thought I was finally going to have my first week of doing ALL my workouts...until I woke up Saturday morning. My week had gone great with my workouts, and besides a little fatigue, I actually had felt good pre and post workouts. Saturday morning I had clients from 8-noon and when I got home it was like I hit a brick wall. So instead of doing my bike test, I opted for a nap. Bad Robyn.

Saturday nights I teach Sunday School at church. First graders. JOY. Actually I love them. I usually have the same kids every week and it is a lot of fun. Except this week. I almost went to jail for child abuse. Seriously. I'm not sure if it was because I was tired, or the kids were absolutely whacked out last night, or both. Normally I have anywhere between 12 and 16 kids attend my class. I'm the only teacher. It is really hard to recruit teachers on Saturday evenings. Last night, I had 14 kids. Not bad, until I tell you that TWELVE of them were boys. Not to mention six of those twelve were regular problems. GREAT. I have never been so frustrated with a class in my life. I like to think I can control children well, but I had one kid trying to take off his shirt, two kids wrestling, and one kid throwing his bible in the air like it was a ball. That was just during the bible story. They started out the night building swords out of tinkertoys and trying to stab each other. Welcome to CHURCH!

I almost walked out and just let them injure each other. I was so frustrated. I didn't even know what had happened in the bible story. The sad thing is, one of the parents volunteered to stay and help me and I'll be surprised if she ever brings her son back. I had a nice long chat with one of our children's ministry director's and something will be changing by next week. Hopefully that change won't be a new teacher because the current one is in jail for child abuse charges.

Today wasn't too much better at church because my mood was already destroyed by my class last night. I tried to be in a good mood and I think I passed it off, but I was totally not "there". I've been trying to detox my attitude all day. So far.....nothing. But I did get a solid nap.

Training will be amazing this week...I feel it. Tomorrow is a new day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random thoughts (I have a lot of these)

There are a few certain things I do that Junior has associated with going outside. These include, but are not limited to: Putting my shoes on, turning on the coffee maker, putting my hair in a ponytail, putting a jacket on, and getting out of bed. I think the weirdest one is the coffee maker.

I miss diving. A lot. And I still wish I could do it. Sure, I can dive, but I can no longer do a front 2.5, or an inward 1.5, or a back 1.5/1.5. Only divers will be able to tell me what that last one is. And my mom.

I just paid all my bills....on time. That's huge compared to the last few months. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks...and I can't wait until I'm a PT in 3 years and don't have to worry about much.

When I graduate from PT school (because I WILL be getting in), I will buy myself a new shiny tri bike. And then do another IM.

Junior is the cutest damn dog in the entire world. No other dog compares.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I'm currently talking to Hannah Mac on facebook. She's a diver at KU. She was my favorite freshman when I was a senior. I took her under my wing and showed her the ropes. I've kept in touch with her since I've left, and have only been able to go back to watch her compete once. I should have tried harder to get back more, but alas, life gets in the way.

This weekend was senior meet at KU. And Hannah is a senior! I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? I was just telling her that I felt like those 4 years at KU were sooooo incredibly long, but at the same time, I felt like I arrived on campus for my freshman year....blinked....and all the sudden I was moving to Memphis.

It makes me miss KU, diving, and my team. Those were an incredible four years, but also the hardest and most rewarding four years thus far in my life. Well, besides the year I trained for Ironman, which sometimes felt like four years. ;)

I remember being a freshman and looking up to our seniors and thinking "man, it will be forever until I'm a senior!" But alas, it came and went. I learned so much about myself as a person and athlete at KU. I also met my best friends there.

I just cannot believe that Hannah is a senior now, when it felt like yesterday she was on her recruiting trip. Shelby, Casey, and I took her to Mass St. where she found her prom dress. Next thing I knew, she was on our team and making a name for herself.

Just makes me realize how life goes by very fast and sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy it. Like the bible study book I'm reading. It talks about being Mary in a Martha world. I'm considering going to Columbia, MO for the zone meet to watch Hannah's last meet ever! I hope it'll work out logistically. I'd love to live my old life again for just a weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

  • Tiger Balm ROCKS
  • I want to be Jillian from the Biggest Loser
  • I'm getting closer because I was so close to making a male client cry yesterday
  • I love love love my new devotional book
  • I have enjoyed two straights days sans napping
  • High maintenance clients annoy me
  • I almost punted a beagle last night for trying to eat Junior
  • I should really fold the laundry on my floor
  • I'm sick of getting medical bills in the mail. Why won't my effing insurance pay for SOMETHING
  • I'm pissed that my two late clients canceled tonight
  • I'm happy I got to watch all of the Biggest Loser
  • Junior's paws smell like people feet
  • I miss my sister and brother
  • ...and my 'rents
  • I talked to my Gram today and it was glorious
  • My new coffee is delicious
  • I think its hilarious that Memphis freaks out over "winter weather"
  • Junior has been staring at me hardcore ALL NIGHT. Creepy
  • I just got a text asking me to sub for my 24SET class at 5:45am tomorrow.
  • I said yes
  • I need to learn to say no
  • I'm going to stop typing now so I can write the workout.
  • Goodbye.